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Tyler McPherson is a spectacularly unorthodox multicultural artist, published author and illustrator of kid-friendly graphic novels, and powerful creative art works that bridge the modernist concerns with a punk metal and Gothic sub-culture influence. His art is infused with intense colors and deep-seated missives. Tyler is currently immersing himself in a new art form series "Davey Jones Cellar"™, a compilation of wine and nautical imagery done in surrealistic and expressionistic styles.

Tyler's core essence includes tattoo artistry, independent movies, animal rescue, serving our country as a combat medic, and Kelcy, his remarkable wife and wine mentor (educator, or whatever you would prefer to say).

McPherson's art collections are well positioned to rise to new heights of artistic acclaim and is the upcoming artist and author to watch in 2018. Commissions and giclée museum quality fine art prints available for both residential and commercial purposes from his studio in Washington State.

Artwork credit goes to Jacob McPherson.
Biography comes courtesy of Beverly Balkus at Pelispectrum Publications.
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Awards from the Senate and House of Representatives for the state of Hawaii.

Attended the New Hampshire Institute of Art

Shows and exhibitions all over the country including:

New Hampshire


Rhode Island






Tattoo artistry in Nevada and Illinois

Work has been published across multiple websites, magazines and books. 

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